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Log Book Service

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Gordo’s Mobile Mechanic, Can perform all Log Book services although different makes and models all have there own intervals. Please call or email our mobile mechanics for a quote on your particular vehicle. Our mobile mechanics are fully qualified, clean and professional. With the latest in scan tool equipment you can rest at ease that your car is in good hands. Gordo’s mobile mechanic MAKES IT EASIER FOR YOU !

Remember this does not affect your new or used car warranty.

From the words of the former chairman of the ACCC:

“To put the record straight, dealers cannot declare a warranty void if the buyer has the vehicle serviced by someone else. Under the Trade Practices Act dealers cannot limit their warranty obligations or claim the warranty is void if the vehicle is serviced by someone other than the dealer or its agent. The statutory warranty applies to new and second hand cars.”
By Professor Allan Fels, (former) Chairman of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.


What is a Log Book Service?

When you purchase your new car , it comes with a manufacturers Log book. The Log book is a guide for your vehicle’s recommended service intervals.  It s a guide for exactly what should be serviced, and when, according to the manufacturer of your vehicle.


Why do I need a Log book Service ?

By following the Log Book guidelines your vehicle will be maintained in the safest, most reliable state.  It also means your vehicle remains in its  peak performance state – extending the life of your car and helping to avoid any nasty, unexpected breakdowns or repairs.

By following your car’s log book schedule you will maintain a higher resale value, in case you ever decide to sell your car.  Your log book becomes peace of mind for the buyer, because it shows the full car service and repair history. Purchasers will be happier to buy your car – and pay more knowing that it has been fully maintained to the manufacturers standards and that the car they are about to buy is safe and in the best working condition..


Don’t I have to only go to the original Dealer where I bought my new car in order to get a Log book Service or to maintain my New Car Warranty ?

No.  New car dealers do not have the right to void your statutory new car warranty just because you had services or repairs done at a service centre different to the dealership that you bought it from. You legally have the right to visit any mechanic or car service centre of your choice to get your Log book service. You should however, make sure that the selected car service centre or mobile mechanics employs fully qualified mechanics and technicians, and that the services they perform meet manufacturer’s specifications and quality parts are used.


Gordo’s mobile mechanics service all makes and models.